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12sky2 News List
Twelve Sky 2: Promotion Events Unveiled

TwelveSky 2 with coveted prizes waiting for you!The Veteran Warriors CP Event and New Warriors Leveling Event run from August 18th, 2009 to September 1st, 2009. Only players who have registered their ..


TwelveSky 2 Open Beta in coming

TwelveSky 2 - Rise of the Sky Clan will begin Open Beta on April 23rd.12sky2 Gold- Rise of the Sky Clan, successor to the already popular game TwelveSky, harnesses the full potential of the self-devel..


12 Sky 2 Europe Official Launch

Twelve Sky 2 - Rise of the Sky Clan on 26th May 2009, an endeavour which signifies MAYN Interactives commitment towards complete gamer satisfaction and leave them craving for more.TwelveSky 2 Gold , o..


TwelveSky 2 reveals Autumn Content Pack

Twelve Sky 2 Rise of the Sky Clan is set to release another exciting content pack to improve the already stellar MMORPG game play experience.Attention all citizens of Ancient China and fellow gamers ..


Triple Mega Event Blowout

Twelve Sky 2 Rise of the Sky Clan is set to release a series of promotional events to spur player participation. Here at MAYN, we strive to ensure that our guests are always entertained through new c..


Twelvesky2 Skills to Function

12sky2, found a slight difference. Moving AoEs are now stationary, for example, and level(12sky2 Gold) 60 attack skills are much rarer drops. Largely though, the differences are cosmetic: there are st..


Gold Making Guide in Twelvesky2

Twelvesky2: Pick up pills mobs drop. You should use 90% hp pills for PvP only and ofcourse only after lower pills are not enough to fill your hp bar. Its nice to sell pink rejuvination pills to npc, o..


Some Tips for Server Go Down in 12sky2

12sky2. We just give it a summary, hope it can drive your attention.12sky2 Gold) at. We just feel sorry for the GUAN clan. This server is depressing, stupid, pointless to play at, untill you players r..


The Value of Items in Twelvesky2

Twelvesky2 from other site, hope it can drive your attention.Twelve Sky2 Gold)/if you win, the GMs could instead drop say 2 silver medals and 5 bronze medals in the M1 war if you lose, and 1 Gold meda..


Make The Best of 3x XP in Twelvesky2

Twelvesky2. We just give it a summary, hope it can drive your attention.Twelve Sky2 Gold So now we multiply that number by 3 to see what we will get with the 3x xp today, we get 41.6%.12sky2 GoldDivid..


The Guide for Duel tournament/league in Twelvesky2

Twelvesky2, we got it from other site, hope you like it. 12sky2 Gold) or something alone those lines. We could even make some sort of websites for that, using phpnuke example for easy statics or somet..


The Guide for Weapon Selection in Twelvesky2 Gold

12sky gold Welcome! We are leaders in Twelvesky2 to another location. We are just a summary, I hope you can direct your attention. 12sky gold Silver) your choice, you said if you want to use the AOE, ..


How to Build your Charcter in Twelvesky2

Twelvesky2 which we get from othe site, hope it can help you more or less, just take a few mininutes to have a look.12sky gold). This is for tank build only. If you do not want to take bosses at level..


12Sky2: Master-Apprentice System

12Sky2, the Master-Apprentice system allows players of Master level (M1 and up) to assist lower level players (112 and below).Apprentice - 1.5x Exp when killing monsters.1. Item Acquisition There are ..


12Sky2: Interface

12sky2 ,here you will havea goodtime.This guide will help you in thegame.This window displays three vital bars. These bars represent your characters current versus total Health, current versus total S..


TwelveSky 2 Europe Exclusive Interview

Initially released at the end of 2003, the saga of TwelveSky underwent heavy reconstruction in 2007. The reincarnated TwelveSky 2 includes completely revamped game systems and an assortment of new fea..


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