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Gold Making Guide in Twelvesky2

Average money: Wine from the monster of war and looking for wallets are the two most obvious low-level monetary decision-making. Wine war is impossible, if you can pack is outnumbered serious, even if you are killing machines, groups of enemies will disappoint you. Sometimes, because the number more than one which can not particular day to win the war. Money purse of money can give you, if you are lucky the load, and found them often, but maybe you will not find too many, some never found a player in the day.

Some money in Twelvesky2: Pick up pills mobs drop. You should use 90% hp pills for PvP only and ofcourse only after lower pills are not enough to fill your hp bar. It's nice to sell pink rejuvination pills to npc, one such pill is worth 1.7k, 99 pills = ~170k.

Some money: Picked up the money down on the low, will not give you until you are 50 plus level(12sky2 Gold) should litter picking the hot-key any more money, but itaccumulation and pay at least the horsepower of your pills. Also pick up any dropped, rather than weapons and armor gloves and boots if you work full time, but still no hope. Go to the city, a number of large projects, and to reduce the pick up is not the inventor of 2X2 square rings and amulets. Sold to the NPC to visit the town.


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