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Make The Best of 3x XP in Twelvesky2

Here is mmofisher This topic is main about make the best of 3x XP for your character in Twelvesky2. We just give it a summary, hope it can drive your attention.

it has come to our attention that XP rates that stack are not multiplied, but added. So today at 3x applies in solemn grounds. If you got normally 25% an hour with a sup you should now get 41.66%. This is because the 3x is not added to the 1.8X, it replaces it. Now add a P+C ontop of that and you get 83%. Like we just found out the stacks do not multiple the previous number, they add to it. We provide 12Sky2 Silver for you here.

So this is what we do to figure it all out. First of all our normal rate with a sup pill in SG is 25% an hour, SG is 1.8x the normal rate. We need to find a base rate of XP so we take 25% and divide it by 1.8X. This number we get is what we would get in SG if it was just 1x. Twelve Sky2 Gold So now we multiply that number by 3 to see what we will get with the 3x xp today, we get 41.6%.

If you want to add a P+C instead of multiplying your base number by 3 you do it by 5 (3x+2x). We end up with 69.44% per hour. Now thats with a sup and a P+C in solemn grounds at M11 with our build. 69.44% X 24 hours = 1666.66% possible today.  Divide that by 100 to get how many levels(12sky2 Gold) that is, which is 16.6. M11 + 16 = M27, we are only shooting for M20.

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