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Some Tips for Server Go Down in 12sky2

Welcome to our site.This is from other site that some tips for server go down in 12sky2. We just give it a summary, hope it can drive your attention.

We was not on the HSB cuz, we do not care anymore, who ever said that the number is even, is an idiot. You said you have enough ppl to defend and at the same time attack. We are just glad that we are not staying long enough to see this server to be most horrible to play(12sky2 Gold) at. We just feel sorry for the GUAN clan. This server is depressing, stupid, pointless to play at, untill you players realize that you have to do something about it your self, and not make the GMs step in to do something.

Taichi is right and him and somebody else, we think was the only one to camp after Nangins got their stone because we were not that ungrateful. We lowered it well and then Joey came and Tai came and like total of 5 was hitting till 4% when a whole army came. If Nangins culd've hold on for 3-5mins we would be done. We tried our best on that Guan stone in game(12sky2 Gold ), and Bato we do not think there was even 6 Guans in HSB.

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