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APB-date information

"APB" triads occupy other people choose the geographical expansion of its forces, but also optional as is a police justice for the "GTA" series of games in APB became famous, manufacturing LEMMINGS sold 2 million copies of Star News Developer DAVID JONES lasted 4 years developed out of an action online game. This is a completely open the MMO game. In this virtual game world.

Players can choose your favorite role for the game: Players can choose to seize other people's geographical triad forces expand their forces or the police can choose to justice. Current Status: Development Genre: RPG Development Company: DAVID JONES different from traditional role-playing game, get rid of the boring Shaguai leveling (apb gold) mode, players can create their own way distinctive, unique role. The claim for Another feature is the personality system. Players can be given to the distinctive mark of individuality and style in the personal-owned vehicles, weapons and so on, and even the role of body design based on personal preferences, clothing, tattoos and so on.

Arbitrary choice, as camp as game players and done the same unfettered. Faith Spring Festival Evening News crime faction can do anything for profit, unscrupulous, while maintaining the side of justice and faith can work together to fight for glory and the destruction of criminal organizations. Games will be full of role players, clothes props, weapons and vehicles personalized custom features, even the game's music and architecture can change the player's preferences.


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