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First Impressions on APB

All Points Bulletin: It is basically all about the bragging rights. But aside from stopping crime in one case, or evading capture in another, there is no permanence to your actions. And in a game that is all about the war between criminals and the law weI can not help but feel Realtime Worlds is missing out on some truly engaging mechanics: namely a controllable points throughout the city that players and clans war over constantly.

It is perfectly ripe for that type of gameplay and yet none exists at this early stage. We have read however that such a feature is not far off, with the implementation of new districts with different rule-sets incoming, so hopefully that will rid us of this nagging feeling.

Other than this one rather standout issue, your mileage may vary on whether it is important to you or not, so far our time in San Pero has been a blast. After creating our first character, a process that can be as deep or as simple as you would like thanks to the extremely robust tools at your disposal, we quickly realized that the real fun of apb gold will be finding a Clan and grouping with other people throughout the game is ongoing content delivery system.

As you go throughout the game(apb gold) and pledge yourself to different NPC contacts, said contacts will set you out on missions. As an enforcer sometimes they will be relatively simple errands of disarming car bombs, and other times you will be set out to stop a crime in progress depending on what criminal players are doing in your area.

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