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Something Important on APB

APB(All Points Bulletin): Blimey, there is so many more details to report. Let is do music in the game. Jones said how most open city games tend to come with about 100 licensed tracks, but that they realised that most players would far rather listen to their own mp3 collection. But this is an online game.So they have done a deal with Last.FM to use their technology in such a brilliantly imaginative way. If you are listening to a favourite track in your car, and drive past some other players, should they have the same track on their hard drive the game will find it, and they will hear it from your car as you go by. Should they not have it, the game will find a track that is similar and play that instead.

The same logic applies to the in-game(apb gold) VOIP. If you are chatting with your gang via headsets and another player walks by, they will hear what you are saying. Using 3D positioning, these voices will appear realistically far away, getting louder as you approach. This barrage of ideas, the attempt to put everything in the hands of the player, only falls short in one area: mission design. At launch all the prescribed missions will come from NPCs.

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