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It's that time of year again, as the winter season meets the deserts of Rubi-Ka - Want to know what Santa Leet has in his bag of goodies this year? Feel like partying down with GSP? More information within!
The holiday season has always been a lot of fun in   Anarchy Credits and this year is no exception - Santa Leet is out with his bag of goodies and he knows if you've been a naughty boy/girl/non-gender-specific Atrox! New collectables this year include a fleet of awesome snowflake decorative nanosprays, some warm earmuffs for those long trips to Penumbra, and even a fake beard for when you wanna dress up as Santa Claus! All of this AND a brand new leet pet nano, perfectly suited for the holidays!          
In addition, we've brought   Anarchy Credits back the fan-favourite "12 Days of Christmas" quest line to Rubi-Ka, featuring the classic content from 2005 with all new rewards for the season - These quests are only available for a limited time, though, so track down a Rubi-Ka Safari Guide today to get started on finding all the awesome new toys, gear, and effects - You might even learn the ancient art of throwing snowballs   Anarchy Credits...
Make sure to check out the Phasefront vendor in Newland Lake for the all-new special-edition Phasefront Chimera - Mistletoe Master hoverboard! This limited-edition seasonal offering will only be around for a short time, so make sure to visit your local Phasefront dealer today!
Lastly (but most certainly not least), 'tis the season for partying (  Anarchy Credits) hardcore style and as always Gridstream Productions and RadioSDF have the hookup. Join the party at The Grind with the ARK-CR team and your favourite DJs ringing in the holiday cheer - Fun, prizes, awesome music, and even appearances from members of your favourite (we hope!) dev team are all on the docket this year, so make sure you stop by, say hey, and get your groove on in this yearly tradition.
Hope to see you all there!


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