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Stims, Neutrals, Content and Vacation

I am on vacation this coming week with my sister here in Anarchy Online for a next week's update from me might perhaps be a little "thin"...but anb in-game update should be arriving next week to address some of the recent issues both from 18.1 and earlier.

To start off this week let me say this about the "Stims": A few people get some more XP than others...or some pay market value credits for the priviledge. Fine. If this was the biggest issue we had at the moment and was deserving of all this attention and drama...then I think Anarchy Credits would be in fantastic shape.

I however am going to take this more as "symptom" of problems within the Anarchy Credits...the effort required to level through 200 regular levels, 20 Shadowlevels, 30 Alien levels and 70 lines of personal research is enough that it has become essential to "shortcut" this as much as possible. Making this long leveling issue less painfull is the real issue that needs to be addressed...not these stims. We have been discussing this issue for quite some time...some action will need to be taken in the near future.


After long thought and discussion with both neutral and sided players alike I am preparing to move forward with some actual action on this issue. This will consist of two separate actions:

1. High-level side change forms in Anarchy Credits will become available to neutral players.

These forms will require significant sided faction to use (meaning the work to establish faction as a sided player can not be skipped.). Once the neutral player has chosen a side, they will receive their sided token board and will be able to obtain tokens in exactly the same manner as a sided player. This is fair.

2. The current power gap will be "Narrowed".

In Anarchy Credits,it was always intended that neutral as a side should, as primarily an RP choice, not be an equal power to the two main factions of Omni and Clan. The existance of a third alternative makes for interesting politicking within the population and leads to unforseen changes in the immediate balance of power. This will continue to be true in the forseeable future.

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