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Part One: Age of Conan Guide for Class Balance

We assume that there are just supposed to be a few classes that are very powerful, get the kills and every other class on that team is just there for a support role. Time again we seem the same classes at the top of the board. Its not the players, the players are different, different guilds, different people, same class, same high amount of kills. So, we understand there were some issues with the Assassin class. What we do not understand is how where they are now is supposed to be balanced.

Now there is simply another overpowered class on the top of the scoreboard. Well, it is an Assassin, so we understand that they should be powerful. They seem unstoppable since this new patch and they have a high level(aoc gold) of resist. We are not even complaining about them though, they can have all that power.

Our question is what about the classes that now have zero means of defense against them, especially in a group scenario where they are already under fire by our friendly Demonologists who seem to always have the most kills. Its the same classes, different players every single time that are leading and the same onesthat have barely any or zero kills at the end of aoc gold.


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