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Archlord Berserker skill guide

Here we will introduce ArchLord Berserker guide: Skills for you.hope you like it.

I recommend to get a PvE build first, in order to level up faster. You can still enjoy some PvP with a PvE build, even though it will not be optimal and you may lose more fights than your share. But you will level faster than those who spend skill points in PvP skills at level 30. Personally I completed my PvE build before adding anything PvP oriented.

To make an efficient PvE build, you want to max first your buffs and AoE skills You're not forced to use the skill points you get in the first levels ! Keep them for when you have more than one skill improvement to do per level gained. Don't use single attack combat skills for PvE, even at very low levels. You won't gain much time, and you will have to reset those skills later.

For passive skills,they don't bring much, so they don't have priority. Max buffs and AoE skill first.

More AL guides will be with you, please pay more attention to us!

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