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archlord online Gold and I am really easy to make very easy, if you ask me, do make archlord online Gold, then I tell you, a reselling equipment, drawing out each update two derivatives, 3 talisman materials, four resold magic.
1 first of all that equipment resold                  
District 5, then reselling the most money, five of the most popular, but also buy up new district general equipment, and does not require too much capital. 135 the future, they should not even think of the really bad equipment, do not do not make money, not easy to sell. And to advise everyone not specifically make cheap archlord gold equipment, better not reselling 9, because too much capital. Are often equipped with a 9 lot of you miss the opportunity to earn archlord gold.
2 update
Draw out derivatives, the well known things to make money. Want to earn a little money to set up a stall, then close the sale with too bad either, wanting to cash in on the other, then later sold off the shelf. But if you do not have money to buy archlord gold, also earn a little money bar. Because the funds have a longer recovery period, there are certain risks. At that time I don a trumpet basin, off the shelf after the net profit of 1WJ.
3 talisman materials
Long ago, on the home page to see a material that the most profitable reselling Acacia posts, then I would say you have fallen behind. Since the King of Ghosts heavenly is changed, a ghost talisman of the most profit  archlord gold. Take Po Kong, I have every 1600J, 1200J archlord gold each solitary note.
4 reselling magic
Some say, and a magic weapon that is not easy to sell. You say is very correct. But it depends on what the magic of the. In fact, what magic does the most profitable, in fact, on the tonic. 75 magic 10 and above, more than 105 magic 20. In fact, many people do not understand magic, if you look carefully at the frontline, then you will see a lot of 75 magic 10, 20 and above are archlord gold very cheap.

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