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Game Description and Comments

Archlord is a 3D fantasy MMORPG with the interesting premise that a player can become the supreme ruler of the game world aka the Archlord. Every month, one player will rise to the top and be able to exact his or her will on the game. Of course, it will take an interesting feature like this for Archlord to compete in the crowded MMO pay-to-play genre. Besides trying something new in the genre with the ultimate ruler, it should be noted that Archlord will aim to please both PvPers and solo players. This is in direct contrast to most of the other archlord gold MMOs that have been launched in 2006 such as D&D Online (thought it is improving), Auto Assault, and RF Online. PvPers will be able to take part in massive wars while solo players will have plenty of quests to keep them occupied.

ArchLord Online Key Features
Eight playable classes including Berserker, Shaman, Knight, Mage, Elementalist, Hunter, Archer, and Spiritualist.
Three races including Orcs, Humans, and Moon Elfs.
Designed around the five elements: water, fire, spirit, earth, and air.
Massive real-time battles between guilds.
Considerable amount of solo content via questing.
Music scored by the London Symphony Orchestra.

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