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Other Archlord Important Classes

Firstly, welcome to Goldicq, friend! Secondly, I got this article that about Archlord other important classes. Thirdly, hope you like it.

1. Ranger
Pluses - nice for PvP has def not that much but it's enough and has good dmg.
Minuses - ranger has very litle hp too and that makes both ranger and ele unable to grind a lot and level(Archlord Gold) fast.

2. Kinght
Pluses - a lot of hp and def very hard to be killed in PvP.
Minuses - very low dmg very hard to kill someone in PvP.

3. Hunter
Pluses - doesn't use def,uses block chance.
Minuses - even though uses block chance can't atk a lot of mobs in the start due to lack of def and hp cause you get the buffs for block at little bit higher level.

4. Mage
Pluses - maybe the class with the most dmg and nice for pvp(Archlord Gold).
Minuses - very low hp and def.

5. Berserker
Pluses - unlike the kinght has a lot more dmg.
Minuses - unlike the knight has less hp and def.

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