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Part Two ArchLord leveling guide: from level 1 to 40

Welcome to mmofisher. Today, we will introduce the guide for leveling in Archlord to you, we got it from other site, hope you like it.

Warp to town and pick up your first attack - 1 point and no more in it. Warp to Vengeful Basin and kill deer to level 8. Warp to Rubenile River and farm Young Torges to level(archlord gold) 10. Pick up your next attack skill. For a lot of classes this is your first AoE and the fun begins. Go back to Rubenile river and now summon all of your party to you. Move away from the porter headed N.E. and there is a group of lvl 15 Blue Cubes. Pull them all. A few times of this in a full party and you are level 12 in no time.

From here on, every few levels remember to update your skills. At level(buy archlord gold) 12 get what buffs and other skills are befitting your class then go to the first cave. These caves always begin with Tomb or Grave. 2nd is always a Mine and 3rd is always Cave. It's handy to have passports to all locations for all areas. If one Tomb is full, move to the next one quickly by porting to a Tomb in another location. When you enter the tomb ignore everything until you get to the bottom of the entry tunnel and the path T's.

This is where you want to farm. Level 17 mobs if you are facing the T as you come in then you can pull all of the skeletons to your left, some behind you and up a bit, and many to the right. It's a very big pull area and requires very good armor. There is a gap in the mobs just to the left of where the T begins and you summon your full party there, against the far wall. You farm here until level 15.

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