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Some FAQs in Archlord

Today, we will introduce some FAQs in Archlord to you, we got it from other site, hope you like it.

Q: The members keep getting removed from the guild. How do we fix this?

A: AS Guild Master: To accept new members, if they apply, kick the application and use /gin playername to invite them, this way they will stay member after any restarts. This method can be used for any current members who have the issue also. When they are online kick them form the guild, and again use the /gin playername option to being them back in the guild.

Q: We are stuck behind a portal in a dungeon. How do we get unstuck?

A: When entering certain dungeons you will be spawned behind the portal making it so you can not move. Hit your F11 key to activate your sky cam. Then move your camera around until you can click the middle of the portal to leave. Once you leave just re-enter the dungeon. If you get stuck again then just repeat this process.

Q: How do we learn crafting skills?

A: You must first achieve the required level(archlord gold) to learn these skills. Upon doing so, visit any Adventurer NPC and they will teach you the skills.

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