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The Archlord Combat Skills

There are archlord combat skills that I got it from other site, let me introduce them to you.

Hope the information below can help you in some way. archlord gold is a 3D fantasy MMORPG developed by NHN Games and Codemasters Online Gaming(COG). The game was released in March 2005 in Korea and October 2006 in North America and Europe, receiving poor reviews from the gaming press.

On August 2007, archlord gold became free-to-play to coincide with the release of the firstepisodic expansion pack, Season of Siege. The second expansion, Spirits Awakening, was released in August 2008. By the way, if you want to Buy archlord gold, we can offer you at the lowest price.

There is an advanced market system employed in this game for ease of trading between players. One of the features of ArchL archlord gold is the ability to compete to become the ArchLord, the supreme ruler of the game world.

Triple slash - This is almost the same as dual slash only a bit better, so here I have the same advise do not buy this.

Axe smash - If you use a axe as weapon then you should buy this it is a DOT attack sometimes usefull but my advise is do not use an axe.

Blade sting - It's a single attack for 1 handed sword, so this is for PVP(archlord gold).

Dual slash - This is the first attack that you can buy, my advise is don't buy it. It has low damage and you will get better skills pretty soon.

Shield Bash - This is a usefull skill for PVP. With a good shield you can stun your opponents.

Hook - The 3th aoe you get, you should max this one as soon as possible.

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