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The Grand Cross Is Coming

WEBZEN is pleased to announce an overhaul of its popular MMORPG Archlord, in the shape of the all-new, FREE Expansion Episode 5: The Grand Cross. Due to go live in the coming weeks, Episode 5: The Grand Cross will add a new battle system called The Battle Ground into the existing PvP system in Archlord.

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 Based on the game scenario, the new content patch will deliver a new race-versus-race Battle Ground, capable of supporting every Archlord Gold players to provide unique and interesting PvP challenges in the never-end conflict between the three races Human, Orc and Moonelf.

Unlike the other PvP content such as The Siege Warfare, The Battle Ground includes a new race-versus-race style, massive war content which will be held on every Thursday and Sunday. You will be needed to be a part of an army of your race, regardless of which guild you are in or the level of your character.

Players must work to dominate the most advantageous position in the Battle Ground, infiltrate the enemy base and kill their opponents as well as their enemy heroes in their fortress. The first faction to destroy the other races' hero before the time expires will win the battle.

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