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Asda 2: Avatar Preview & Alpen Tour

Today we bring you the first official preview post for Asda2! This is actually taken off of the Asda 2 Forums, where news will be posted every Friday, then brought here the following week! Want the latest right away? Be sure to bookmark and check out the Asda 2 Forums!

This time we have some quick information on the Avatar system, along with a screenshot preview of the all new Alpen. Read on!

Asda 2's New Avatar System
Asda has always been known for its beautiful and large selection of costumes, but there has always been some sacrifice along with looking great. The avatar system changes that, allowing you to wear costumes to replace the look of your Asda2 Gold while still keeping your armor on!

Ever wanted to pluck those wings off the Angel costume to wear with something else? Now you'll be able to! With the Avatar System also comes new accessory slots. Along with the usuall helmet, chest, gloves, pants, and boots, you will now be able to mix and match secondary headgears, capes, and wings! Hair also becomes an avatar piece, allowing you to switch between styles on the fly.

The new system also helps bring balance to the game. Buy Asda2 Gold is helpful for you to play the game well.While avatars may have small stat increases, both paying and non-paying players will be using in-game armor and skills for the bulk of their stats. And, of course, we'll still have some great free event costumes as well!

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