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Atlantica Online News List
Atlantica Online: Making a Strategic Game - Planning Ahead

Atlantica, as we have stated before, our goal was to offer a game that is new, exciting and refreshing. The more successful titles offer a lot of depth and player involvement. Because of this immersio..


Atlantica Online December Update is Now Live

Atlantica Online. The large-scale update includes a new dungeon, an overhauled Tactical Battle System, new journeys, and more.Atlantica Gold, providing more adventures for players to enjoy. Additional..


USA Takes First Place in World Gaming Tournament for Atlantica

Atlantica Online this year. Atlantica Online, the popular massively multiplayer online role-playing game (MMORPG) from Ndoors Interactive, was part of the four-month long intensive tournament which to..


Atlantica: Enough stock , more pay, more get !

Price has dropped 7% since last week ,and a 5% extra bonus for free will give for every order .Per 100M gold is only 2USD. When buying 1 000M, get 50 M for free, buying 20 000M, get 1 000M for free!Ch..


Characters Guide of Atlantica

Atlantica Online: Stats and Characteristics are for a short presentation of each character, and to compare their basic characteristics, you can refer to the following page of the site, main Characters..


Starting Mercenaries for Atlantica

Atlantica, for your starting mercenaries, you can choose Swordsman, Spearman, Archer, and Gunner while in the very small starting area. After you leave the starting area, that you can choice expands t..


Some introduction in Atlantica (Part one)

Atlantica. There is some differnence in each player, and this is what the player like, also want to always be in a party. Gerenal speaking ,it is to follow where the quests bring you. It recommed to p..


Atlantica Gun: Main Characters Guide

Atlantica: Stats and Characteristics are for a short presentation of each character, and to compare their basic characteristics, you can refer to the following page of the site, main Characters, and u..


Atlantica: Final Archer or Hunter FAQs(part two)

Atlantica for you: 11. Updated Flee ChartHere is the new updated chart showing how much flee you need to dodge the monsters in iRO beta 2. Here you can get the cheapest Atlantica Online Gold. The char..


Atlantica:Product for new servers on sale

They are:Argos-BRDelphi-BRMacedon-BRMycenae-BRSikyon-BRThebes-BRPrice for these new servers is the same,stock is enough .Tips:please take care when you place the order,the price is different from the ..


Frozen Axe to you in Atlantica

Atlantica World!Atlantica Online Gold,you can buy it from our website at the lowest price. We will try our best to help you.Atlantica Gold). Down to the basic what does it do. Basically it has 3 part..


Grinding Atlantica at MMOs

Atlantica at MMOs and I collect it from other websites. Hope it could do great help to you. By the way, we provide the cheapest Atlantica Online Goldhere. If you have needs, you can go and have a look..


Atlantica Online to Be Published in Thailand

Atlantica Online in Thailand through a partnership with Southeast Asias number one online game provider, AsiaSoft.Atlantica online Gold has successfully expanded from Korea into North America, Japan, ..


Mecenary Overview Guides in Atlantica

Atlantica Online, you can come to our site and have a look, we provide the most secure AtlanticagoldPowerleveling. Next we will provide you some Mecenary Overview guides gotten from other websites, ho..


The Character of Witch Guide in Atlantica

Atlantica Online. If you are interested in this guide, just keep paying attention to our website. Wish you have a good day in the wonder game.Atlantica Online Gold service. We provide the lowest price..


Atlantica Online Classes guide

Atlantica Online ? And do you know which are the Mercennary clases ?Atlantica Online Gold and Atlantica Online Powerleveling are served in our website , you can buy them at cheap price as you need .At..


Guide to New Players in Atlantica Online

Atlantica Online foe new players. Hope it can help for you more or less.Atlantica Online gold , You can stop in every town you run across, and enter a town, area or dungeon floor once to get its map i..


Atlantica:classical formations and tactics

Atlantica Online should we all collect those formations that are memorable for being funny, or just some other random reason.Atlantica online gold . I believe you will learn something fro..


Atlantica crafting guide

Atlantica Online crafting guide for players.If you are interested in it, read on.I hope the guide can help you .I believe you will learn something from it. Read the following information....Atlantica ..


Atlantica tips on Arm Guan Yin

Atlantica Onlinepowerleveling can satisfy your requirements.Atlantica Online GoldL60 for main/front line defensive tanks.Atlantica OnlineGold to enhance yourself )Atlantica OnlineGold powerleveling is..


Atlantica new skills:Added Musician and Beserker

Atlantica Online .Atlantica online gold : lvl(of skill), damage, mana cost (Im assuming number in parenthesis is damage/mana for PVP only) Sword: Chaos Blade, Row Attack, deals 120% damage to seth/bru..


Atlantica : info on updating in the game

Atlantica Online.Atlantica Online Gold had a huge update in the game , here it is .Atlantica Online Gold.Witchs [Mana Drain]s affect has been slightly decreased.Staff type characters defense against r..


Atlantica Online's NPC Guide

Atlantica Online doesnt have the standard vendor you can sell your trash drops to. Probably because there is no such thing as a trash drop in this game. Every single item is useful in some way with th..


New Server coming: Delphi

Atlantica Online players like when Argos first came around?Atlantica Online Gold server will go online, and that day shall be March 6!Atlantica Online Gold server, called Delphi, will make its debut ..


Atlantica Viking Class Abilities/Magic

Atlantica online . These skills are as follows:Atlantica onlinegold and Atlantica gold powerleveling for your characters. Just have a try!Atlantica onlinegold game. However, if it is used on a formati..


The tactical battle of Atlantica

Atlantica Online players.Here is Goldceo.Atlantica online gold ,the battle system is unusual for its genre in that it uses a turn-based system.Atlantica gold and Atlantica online goldpower leveling? I..


Atlantica Online -- A mercenaries dairy...

Atlantica Online Romania , my Master is on a Quest to clean an old Castle , i have heared stories about this Castle from other mercaneries , they say its the Home of Vampires, Zombies and some other t..


[Review]Atlantica Online

MMORPG. Or so they say.MMO, dying/defeat in PVP isnt that much of a hassle. After your battle, youll get back to real time as if nothing happened. No HP penalty whatsoever. Your only reward is braggin..


Atlantica Online Honored as One of the Year’s Best MMORPGs

Atlantica Online -- the Free-to-Play game published in America by NDOORS Interactive -- recently received a number of accolades for 2008, including Best Free-to-Play Game of 2008 and Best New Games of..


Atlantica - Beta Review

At the time I was devastated, I never expected the FF series to change from turn-based battles, in every addition to the series they changed characters, magics, worlds, styles and systems, but they ne..


A Look Into Atlantica's Future

Atlantica Online Gold is the culmination of 15 years of dreaming on the part of the development team. Now, lets take a little peek into the future of Atlantica.Atlantica Online Gold, with many new adv..


Korean New Game Atlantica Online Registration Guide

Atlantica Online is the first full 3D online game developed by Korea-based Ndoors which has developed some famous online games, such as TimeNTales, KoongPa and Goonzu Online. Atlantica Online Goldis s..


Atlantica Online Preview

Atlantica Online. According to legend, the magical civilization of Atlantis attained its great prosperity from knowing how to create a material called Oriharukon. Naturally, many other nations asked a..


Atlantica Online Wins ChinaJoy Award

MMORPG from NDOORS Receives Golden Plume Award for Best Foreign Online GameAtlantica Online, the new strategic turn-based MMORPG, won a Golden Plume Award for Best Foreign Online Game. The prestigious..


Eudemons Online: Interview on Klepto

An interview of Eudemons Online was released onits officialsite.Atlantica Online Gold Klepto also mentioned he found love in game, which even became more than just an in-game on to find..


Atlantica Online Launches

MMO has launched. Atlantica Online brings classic turn-based RPG combat combined with deep strategic gameplay to the online multiplayer world.Atlantica golds official launch, the games item mall has o..


Atlantica Online: First Impressions

Atlantica Online earlier this week in-between being sick and playing Warhammer: Online. For a game that is in beta, it seems to want to be treated as a game that has been already released, claiming in..


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