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A Look Into Atlantica's Future

Greetings. This is the Atlantica Development Team in South Korea again. It’s our pleasure to bring you our second Dialogue With The Developers.

Last time, we took a look back and shared with you our pasts experiences developing games, and how Atlantica Online Gold is the culmination of 15 years of dreaming on the part of the development team. Now, let’s take a little peek into the future of Atlantica.

One of the great things about an online game is that new content can be constantly added. Not like packaged games, where you have to wait for the next version of the game, and then go to the store to buy the packaged product. Well, it felt like something was lacking every time we launched a new game like that. Now, as we mentioned in the first dialogue, we’re trying to break from our past, and the regrets we had about our previous games.

Now we are treating each update as if it’s a new product, yet building on the solid foundation that we’ve established with your help and critical feedback, to make an even better Atlantica Online Gold, with many new adventures. However, a long and bright future for Atlantica Gold is going to require more than just a few updates. Then what are the plans for the future that the Atlantica Development Team is considering. Below are the blueprints for that plan.

1. Adventure

We still remember the days when we were young and amazed by some of the stories we heard, especially the great mysteries of the world. Like, are there UFOs in the Bermuda Triangle? What’s the story behind the Nazca Lines of Peru? Is the North Pole really a gateway to another dimension?

We’re sure you’ve had similar questions. Yet even today, with advances in science and technology, there are still no answers to these questions. Well, we here on the Atlantica Development Team might not have the right answers, but we can use these mysteries to take you on new adventures.

In the game, you can expect new areas and characters that will help to unveil some of the hidden secrets of the world. You might be sent back to Angkor Wat to uncover more truths about Atlantis, or read between the Nazca Lines to learn more about the lost land. Stonehenge in England might really be more than a pile of rocks, and see just where the North Pole does take you.

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