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Atlantica:classical formations and tactics

For Atlantica Online should we all collect those formations that are memorable for being funny, or just some other random reason.

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 The kamikaze axe formation and its usage:

-Starting formation in Atlantica online gold game:

Viking Viking Viking
Vikig BT Viking
Viking Shaman Viking (preferebly hero)

First I brutaled the second row. Then i freezed with one of my mercs (if i could). Then shaman in front row brutal willing last row if possible. If she lived thru a turn then yupiiiii if not then you are already dead. Then shaman into second row middle and noble sacrifice as soon as it could. (I'm not talking about silence or just plain dead). And after all this just lain back and watch.

Vikings had freezing axe (all up), Shaman had brutal will + noble 50%-50%

Silencing the shaman in the right moment kills the entire group. Low magic def (meteor, bs). Brutal will constantly drain life. Rusty axe. War cry. No holy guard. And many many more.

 Another axe formation:

-Starting formation:

Viking BT Viking
Vikig Vikig (hero) Viking
Monk Shaman Monk

Well this worked somewhat better but still has major flaws. First of all i brutaled 2nd row and hgd the 1st row (aginst possible freezes but if the enemy didnt have a viking then shield of prot instead). After this shield of prot 2nd and 3rd row as soon as i could +heal +freezing where necesery/possible.

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