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Atlantica: Final Archer or Hunter FAQs(part two)

Here are some Final Archer or Hunter FAQs in Atlantica for you:
11. Updated Flee Chart
Here is the new updated chart showing how much flee you need to dodge the monsters in iRO beta 2. Here you can get the cheapest  Atlantica Online Gold. The chart will tell you how much flee you need to dodge monsters 95% of the time. This chart is not 100% accurate, but you won't find a better chart out there. Assassins and Thieves will love this chart, but it's also quite useful for all those agi archer/hunters out there.

12. End Credits
Well this is the end to my archer/hunter guide. It could help you in any way on your path to becoming an archer or hunter. Remember, you don't have to go by the ways you have set in this guide, it is here for you to use it as reference. By the way, if you want to buy professional Atlantica Online Gold, please go to our site and have a look, we have enough stock anytime. Please make your archer/hunter by your standards and no one elses. Before you go, you would like to recognize the following people and websites for helping you in your guide making:

Myself - because you took the time to actually make it
Wayne - for being your best friend in real life
Gowcaiza - for being...Gow XD
Torotora - for giving me info and being "the coolest archer"
Weggy - for being the RO faq master and reading your faq
Killgen - for the notion of a powerhouse build
ZidaneJ - for some hunter info
NeoGil. - for the vulture's eye note
MoonGurl - for a reference note
Prak - for the best flee chart around
Christy - for being our main GM
Gravity - for making this addicting game
CJayC - for hosting this great site

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