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Atlantica Gun: Main Characters Guide

Here are some Main Characters Guide in Atlantica: Stats and Characteristics are for a short presentation of each character, and to compare their basic characteristics, you can refer to the following page of the site, main Characters, and use the Character Simulator, therefore you can get an idea of how your character will look at various levels. What you must remember is that main characters can equip items, even types of items, such as mounts, useless to mercenaries. You can expect many more items of this type in the future, since the game includes slots for necklace, head, face, and cape.

The specific weapons and rings are very powerful, and compensate for the rigidity of the basic stats. Besides, you have to put these basic stats into perspective. If a difference of 30 points represents 10% at the beginning, it's two times less than that at the end of the game. The Character Simulator will help you with that, particularly with defense, which becomes huge during higher levels(Atlantica Online Gold).

In addition, it's important to take the evolution of the game into consideration. If you're a veteran in the universe of MMORPGs, you could know how balance can change with a single patch. Atlantica is still a young game, and Atlantica Online Gold you can strategize a better gameplay in the future, especially with main characters who are not addicated to their attributes, contrary to mercenaries with their precise upgrades and more limited choice of gear.


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