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New Server coming: Delphi

Looks like a new server is planned to be around the corner, the question is will the current servers lose moreAtlantica Online players like when Argos first came around?

There has already been talks of 'merge' request on and off, is this really the right time to introduce a new server? We'll find out soon.

They really did go out of the way to put up some nice events for the new server launch - even giving out Gcoins to so many players, will the old servers be left in dark?

A proclamation has come down from the Oracle …

“A day shall come when a new Atlantica Online Gold server will go online, and that day shall be … March 6!”

The sixth Atlantica Online Gold server, called Delphi, will make its debut on March 6, opening up a whole new Atlantica Online Gold world for you to experience. To celebrate the opening of Delphi, there will be several events to help your newly created characters level up quickly and advance to great heights.

• Bonus experience — Gain 120% experience points for the first two weeks of Delphi’s unveiling; and that figure jumps to 150% during the weekend.

• Level-up Race — More than 100 players will be receiving at least 500 Gcoins for reaching a designated level the fastest. The most fleet of foot player will be endowed with $100 worth of Atlantica Online Gold currency — that’s 10,000 Gcoins — while the second place sprinter will earn $50 worth of Gcoins. The next 100 players all earn 500 Gcoins.

• Screenshot Contest — Players who submit the best screenshots will receive Atlantica Online Gold prizes.

• Monster Hunts — Unique enemies will be spawned at various sites for players to battle and earn rewards.

• Treasure Hunts and Item Giveaways — Followers of Delphi will have more opportunities to find crystals and scroll boxes and receive other free in-game items.

• Quiz Room — Players who correctly answer the sage questions of the Atlantica Online Gold will receive in-game prizes.

So with the Delphi server, you’ll have a great opportunity to create a Musician. Then level up quickly with all these bonuses and you can go crazy like a Maniac!

The Oracle is certain that you don’t want to miss out on this!

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