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Some introduction in Atlantica (Part one)

This artilce introduction according to the player's experience in Atlantica. There is some differnence in each player, and this is what the player like, also want to always be in a party. Gerenal speaking ,it is to follow where the quests bring you. It recommed to party as much as your possible. The reason is you gain more experience and use up less stamina points. Partying often better than singleness because experience play part to all your mercenaries. Discussing will afford you with most of your experience until level 95

Its been a minute shince you have played so you need to started over again with a new character. At this moment you can get into more informations and amended will come in the future if you ever decide to use that maniac. Remember that this guide is written by player experience as a PVE centre on Sword,staff,Archer,mand Musician main. This will most likely play part into 3 parts. Level1 to 60; Level 60 to 95; Level 95 to 120 in game(Atlantica Online Gold).

There is an wanton experience conditions which increase at level 95. At level 95 your first 3 quests will give you a 1% bonus towards your next level no matter what quest it is. Remember that so you can control this by completing only 3 quests a day then farming for the rest of the time or free leaguing until the next day.


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