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Starting Mercenaries for Atlantica

Playing Atlantica, for your starting mercenaries, you can choose Swordsman, Spearman, Archer, and Gunner while in the very small starting area. After you leave the starting area, that you can choice expands to include the Shaman. You can never have a Musician as a merc, that one is main only.
What you must keep in mind is that skills(Atlantica Online Gold) you have a limited skill point pool, and it is expensive to undo training. Here are only three comments on skills we will list for you, have a look.
1) You must know what they do. In game, you can go to Game Info->Mercenary and find out basic information about all the mercs in the game, and their skills. 2) It is generally agreed that specializing in one or two skills is better than trying to learn all skills.
3) Some skills are main only. What does main only mean. Anytime you see something that refers to the 'main', it's talking about the character you created, your hero. Break Down and Chaos Wind are the two low level(Atlantica Online Gold) main-only skills you will encounter.

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