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C9: 9 Clues to Remove The Veil of the 4th Continent

NHN unveiled the 4th Continent for its newest action MMO C9 Online. In view of this, Korean media did an exclusive interview with C9 developers.

Until now, the exact release date of the 4th Continent is not clear yet. However, it is certain that brand new content will be made public in June. C9 Gold developers also revealed that the siege war system and a new class Berserker will be available in the latter half of this year.

Q: Besides the 4th Continent, have you developed other content?

A: Definitely. We spent much time developing the 4th Continent as well as other things,C9 Gold like MMORPG elements, in-game system upgrade and the 4th Continent updates, which will enrich the game to a great extent.

Q: Why do you add MMORPG elements?
A: C9 is an action game, so it has some unavoidable shortcomings, like the rare interaction between players. Compared with other large-scale MMORPGs, C9 Gold players can only go around in various villages and dungeons, but they are short of communication.

Q: So you want to promote their communication?
A: Yeah. We will do that through siege wars and a PK system.

Q: What is the siege war like?
A: There will be 4 castles, 3 of which have been completed. The siege war system has also been worked out. The "free combat system" released in the test server not long ago is designed to relieve the burden of siege war mode. Namely, free combat regions lay foundations for siege wars.

Q: Can you say some details about the siege war?
A: It can be said that the scale of a castle is almost as large as a free combat region's and each castle has its own characteristics.

Q: What content is being updated currently?
A: In the game, some things can be retained, but some need innovation and improvement so that the game can be made better. First of all, the biggest problem before us is the crafting system. This system will be modified and updated at the present stage. After the crafting system is updated, players won't have to manufacture unnecessary items,C9 Gold and sell them just in order to level up their craft skills.Certainly, there will be other changes, like the equipment appearance and producible equipment etc. From then on, craftsmen will be able to make more types of items.

Q: Any extra new content?
A: Now I can only tell you that the 2nd generation weapons will be added. Along with the upgrade of systems related to the 2nd generation weapons, characters' attack states and new skills will be added, as well.

Q: C9 Gold Will the new hunter system be updated?
A: Yes. The hunter system will be updated later. As the 1st Continent has the hunter mode added along with the release of the 4th Continent, so will the 2nd Continent when the 5th Continent is updated.

Q: Can you reveal some info about the new class Berserker?
A: The Berserker is scheduled to appear in the latter half of 2011. Berserkers must attack monsters and level up together with conjurers. Please look forward to this new class, in the meantime, a new-conceptive conjurer class will turn up then.

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