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C9 Hunter class transfer

C9 Hunter class transfer course: Hunter-Elite Hunter-choose one from the three(Assassin, Ranger, Scout)

Just like the fighter, as an Elite Hunter, player can learn some strenghten skills. For example, he can strengthen the skills learned in the first class and combo skills derived from the primary skill.

The C9 Assassin hardly use the long-range attacking skills, instead they use their two-handed swords to complete the assassination job. With the nijia style skills of invisibility and rapid strike, they can also set traps and allure the enemy into it, which can cause fatal damage to the opponent.

The C9 Ranger career further enhanced the effect of long-range attack, can be proficient with various elements skills, is an elegant magic striker. That is, can be fired various "Arrow Properties" (fire, ice, drugs, ... ...), to give the enemy a variety of attacking state. Using a variety of long-range skills, can be a very good job to support close combat.

Compared with the ranger, the C9 Gold Scout mainly attack with through the exercise to strengthen the long-range physical power to the extreme, which can move the whole battery. Because it is equipped with giant crossbow, the moving speed and attack speed is relatively low. However, each time the attack output completely override the other professions.

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