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Hunter class transfer

According to another players' message, we find a dubious address with C9 logo on its webpage. Compared with the website address of Tera. to what extent, they are alike. This thing is getting more and more bewildering.

The enthusiasm of players for C9 Gold (abbreviation for Continent of the Ninth) faded out recently. Where did players go? And what was C9 busy with? Yesterday we followed the updates of C9 and reported the upcoming fourth class Witchblade. Unexpectedly, one of warmhearted MMOsiters told us exciting news that C9 will go to NA/EU this Dec with free to play business mode. Is it a rumor?

C9 - Continent of the Ninth

 C9 Gold has launched its open beta on August 15 this year in Korea, but the official release date is still not confirmed due to many reasons. It just released its fourth class in Korea. It seems that C9 has not even made a good preparation in Korea, saying nothing of distributing to English-speaking countries. How long will the localization of C9 cost? Are the localization in a short period able to satisfy players? In addition, Tera, another promising title from NHN, has launched its North American teaser site and announced pay to pay business mode. Do you think C9 will take the free to play mode?

 On the other hand, C9 and Tera are both from NHN, but Tera can not wait to launch its English teaser even when it just finished the first closed beta in Korea. This practice probably attributes to the power of players. Anyway, Tera took the first step in overseas market. For this reason, we are well-founded to believe this news.

Everyone knows annual Gstar is significant for game developers and publishers. We can recall the performance of Tera and C9 respectively. It is clear that NHN pays more attention on Tera than C9. What was C9 Gold busy with during the Gstar 2009? Are they really busy with overseas business?

Action MMORPG C9 released a charm compelling teaser site for its new sensuous and sensual female character 'Witchblade'. This mystery draws many curious gamers's attention. 'Witchblade' is the second female characters after Shaman using the colorful magic and sword attacks.

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