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A Very Super Proposal in City of Heroes

Two days ago, heroes passing through Atlas Park in City of Villains were suddenly threatened by Rularuu! 

Dwarfing the heroes Rularuu towered above City Hall and taunted those gathered. How could simple players be expected to stand against the next best thing to a god? Fortunately War Witch, Melissa Bianco, came to peoples aid. She rallied the heroes and called for the ultimate weapon against such a being. Love!

The Ocho City of Heroes


Two days ago I happened to be in Atlas Park and I witnessed two fantastic things. First was of course, Rularuu himself.

Rularuu was being played by The Ocho for a specific purpose. The Ocho and War Witch using the almighty [Admin] chat channel were here to help out a player.

[Admin] NCsoft_Rularuu: Fear Me Mortals!

[Admin] NCsoft_Rularuu: My power is legendary and I am here to make

you feel pain!

[Admin] NCsoft_Rularuu: I cannot be stopped, this is my time to destroy you all!

[Admin] NCsoft_Rularuu: I cannot stand this human world, with it's

feeble pretensions of love...

[Admin] NCsoft_Rularuu: Emotions are like acid to me... They burn my very soul!

[Admin] War Witch: Oh man....

[Admin] War Witch: Heartless soulless pig!

[Admin] War Witch: Look....I got a plan....

[Admin] War Witch: But...I need some help....

[Admin] War Witch: Guys....this heartless wretch needs some love... We

got some love in this place???

[Admin] War Witch: I have just the guy....

[Admin] War Witch: Strongwall....

[Admin] War Witch: We need YOU!

[Admin] War Witch: STRONGWALL proposed to Gaia Stormwind and she said, "YES!"

[Admin] War Witch: Congratulations, you two!!!!!

[Admin] NCsoft_Rularuu: What is this... the emotion pouring forth from

these is too strong

[Admin] NCsoft_Rularuu: I cannot stand this love that surrounds me!

[Admin] War Witch: We got love, people! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!

[Admin] NCsoft_Rularuu: Stop it! You can't!

[Admin] NCsoft_Rularuu: My defenses weaken

[Admin] War Witch: Let's get Rularuu!

[Admin] NCsoft_Rularuu: What have you done!!!!!!!

[Admin] War Witch: That'll learn him! Heartless beast.

City of Heroes GM Appearance!

With the help of two caring staff members of Paragon Studios, a high traffic zone of CoV Infamy was treated to a miniature event to help two players seal the deal.

To commemorate the proposal there were even temporary unique yellow titles given to everyone in the zone. ("He Popped the Question" and "She said YES!")

People play MMOs for many many reasons. I myself often play for the sense of community. Can't get closer to your community as a developer than helping one person propose to another can you?

Congratulations Strongwall and Gaia Stormwind!

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