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City of Villains archetypes Guide

Although some City of Villains archetypes may resemble City of Heroes archetypes (i.e. brutes and tanks) at first glance, the archetypes from the two games are very different.

If you are not sure which CoV Infamy archetype to choose for this super villain RPG, here are a few basic things to remember for each of the five archetypes. 

Stalker Strengths:

1. Invisibility as pictured (the blue outlines his invisible head) above in the screenshot. The poor guy has no clue what is about to hit him as an assassin strike is on the way.
2. Allows some fun combinations like Ninja Blade/Ninjutsu.
3. Best CoV Infamy  archetype in PvP.
4. Has defense for a secondary.


1. Being invisible can be a pain on some missions.
2. Not great against large crowds.
3. Would have been nice to have one small ranged attack to go better with some themes.

MasterMind Strengths:

1. Minions act like your own personal army.
2. Can buff your minions.
3. Range weapons fit the class well.
4. Possibly the best PvE class.
5. Some secondary power sets allow you to heal yourself and your pets in combat.
6. A fun archetype to play.


1. Possibly the worst in PvP due primarily to other CoV Infamy  players targeting the mastermind instead of the pets. Unlike NPCs, players know exactly who to attack first. Kill the mastermind and you no longer have to worry about his/her pets.
2. Too dependant on minions for offense.
3. Minions can attack mobs when you least want them to unless you keep a tight command on them.
4. No real defense.

Dominator Strengths:

1. Has pets at higher levels.
2. Can dish out offense that is harder to defend than most like mind (screenshot) and gravity powers.

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