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City of Villains:Gates of Discord Veteran Report

Information is the key to success in the Gates of Discord expansion. Knowing the right experience areas, the tiny but important details of the Berzerker class and being familiar with the walk-through of the Communication quest are the must-knows when conquering these new lands.

From the basic changes regarding spells and alternate advancement, to step-by-step guides for 16 different zones, this City of Villains guide offers an unmatched wealth of information for players seeking to gain an advantage over the competition. Take a look at what you get in theCoV Infamy Gates of Discord Guide and decide for yourself if you want to pass this opportunity:

Highlights of the CoV Infamy Gates of Discord Guide:
Zone guides to the complete expansion

An expansion progression guide
How to exploit the tribute system
Step-by-step quest walk-throughs

A complete strategy reference for Berzerkers
Leadership experience and how you should handle it
Systematic zone guides describe strategies and camp spots for each zone in the Gates of Discord expansion. Get to know the mobs you will encounter and the loot you can expect in CoV Infamy .

A progression guide will show you the path through the sewer trials or - if you choose so - the raid alternative. Of course the mountain and Kod'Taz / Ikkniz trials are part of this section as well. A must-have for any Gates of Discord adventurer.

The tribute system - everything you need to know to apply it to your maximum advantage - take the chapter to your heart if you want to master this expansion.

A spell CoV Infamy  guide explains what should be known about the magical abilities gained and lost with the introduction of new spells. Alternate Advancement points and recommended ways to spend them, provide a steady support if it comes to decide, where the hard (or if you read the CoV Infamy  zone guide chapter: not quite so hard) earned experience should go.

Gates of Discord Quests make up a good part of this expansion and account for the largest part of this guide.

From the easy ones as Noida's Boots and Woodfriend Bauble to the epic Communication Quest: Many adventures are covered, hints given, solutions provided and strategies explained in order to help you to complete them.

The Berzerker: Skills, abilities, leveling know-how and background information - all to be found in a compact form. Find out how to power the new GoD expansion class.

Leadership Experience will be explained and background information given regarding the different options. A short overview deals with the changes done to trade skills in Gates of Discord.

Free updates: All future updates of this guide are of course included in the purchase price. When an update is published, you will receive a notification. Just log into your account and download the update for free!

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