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CoV-Starting A Life of Villainy

As soon as you begin playing City of Villains it is easy to enjoy and not overly difficult to understand. Still, there are a few things that can make the learning curve a little bit smoother and a few others that will have you saying later on, "I wish I knew that when I started". So, here's a beginner's guide to creating your first villain:

CoV Infamy and City of Heroes are before you. Though they were released one after the other (with City of Heroes being the original game), having a copy of one now gives you access to both games. Essentially, they are just two versions of the one game in different city settings, with different character selections and power-sets for each.
The first step in creating your villain is, of course, choosing to create a villain! Let's leave the heroes out of this. We're talking evil here. The background screen should turn a blood-red color and we get the bad-guy music. This brings us to the selection of Archetypes. Each one of these has strengths and weaknesses and a special ability.
BRUTE: Strong melee character with access to defensive power sets such as shields and barriers. The special ability is Fury. Fury builds up every time the Brute attacks or is attacked. As City of Villains Infamy Fury builds, the Brute deals more damage, but Fury will decay when not actively fighting. The Brute is the villain that can stand there toe-to-toe and beat up their foe.

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