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Mayhem Missions of City of Villains

In City of Villains, it’s another way to feel a bit more evil — steal something, engage in civil disobedience — get out. And quick. These missions add some variety but aside from the time factor, have the same issues missions from contacts have. This feature, more than anything else, helps the player to actually feel like a “bad guy.”
The Mayhem Missions are more CoV Infamy than the normal missions — because there is an element of urgency: the instanced missions give you only so much time once you begin to complete the task. It does add variety to the sameness of the missions — you can’t just wander around exploring every corner at your own speed before you accomplish a mission — you have to accomplish your task against the clock.
This is something I want to try my hand at, very badly, but haven’t yet done. From CoV Infamy I’ve read and heard, the ability to create your own missions is a somewhat revolutionary, but risky, breakthrough in MMOs, though my gut says it would be more CoV Infamy to create a mission than to run
around someone else’s, and I can’t wait to create one. After I got tired ofrunning around the world, I returned to my disturbingly OCD-like compulsion to complete more and more CoV Infamy, clearing map after map after map.
When I re-entered the world of CoV Infamy, I did bring along a teammate, a villain who would partner with me, but after the third mission, said teammate abandoned me for another shinier MMO.
Wandering around, I ran into few people, and while it may be the server, my belief is that the population of City of Villains Infamy exists at the higher levels and has little use for creating newer characters.
It’s not a game that attracts new entrants, and so while it’s user-friendly, once a new player gets in,they may not stay. This is where I think Villains does itself a disservice. While a player’s goal tends to be to reach higher levels, and the goal of MMOs is not to have groups of players linger below level 20, it’s too easy to get bored by the ’sameness’ of the content in the lower levels.

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