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Where are all the bad guys?

That was how I felt reentering the world of City of Villains and, for an older game, it makes sense. The population has grown up and is PvP-ing and hanging out with the other big kids, so it was a lonely trip back.

But even in older MMORPGs, you can see new players or alt players running around, looking to group while they level up fast. You feel immersed in a world populated by others, but being a villain, creating an evil character, running around?

It felt, well, kinda lonely. The uniqueness about Cities is how easy it is to get attached to your particular character, and the desire to take that character to the ultimate goal: PvP — battling those awfully good guys in the case of CoV Infamy.

So much has been said about the ability to customize a character, and I still feel it’s one of the best boons of CoV Infamy, in both the Heroes and the Villains. I spent a lot of time customizing my character and getting everything ‘just right.’ This ability to create such a unique character grants almost immediate investment.

The only complaint I have is with the monster face. I just can’t find a body that looks right with the face. The rest?

I could spend hours just dressing a superhero, and probably lost some prime play time trying out the many different variations in CoV Infamy .I settled on a Brute with Technology origin, with a great kick-ass leather duster. If you’re going to be a villain, you might as well do it right.



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