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Basice Cronous Guide for Beginners

In Cronous, some new game players don't know how to work. So i collect this basice Cronous cro guide and hope it is useful for game players.

 Once you get out of town, you can see swarm of monsters wondering around. Left click on the monster to attack.

 If you are not in range, character will automatically go closer to attack. If you want to use your skill to attack, designate desired skill first then right click on the monster to attack in Cronous cro.

 Always check your HP when you are in battle. HP is located on the lower left corner of the screen. If your HP run out, you will die and get penalties so be careful!

 1. Experience point gained will decrease.

2. Some amount of Cronous cro on-hand will be dropped on the field. If more than
30,000 Cronous cro is dropped, exceeding amount will disappear permanently.

3. Item (worn or in possession) will be dropped.
Use Town Portal and teleport to town or use HP Potion and recover your HP or put other efforts to avoid death and get your character out of critical situation.

 When you kill a monster, item/s will be dropped from them. Left click on the item to pick it up.

 However, if there are too many items or the item is too small, it is hard to pick them up. In this case, pres [ALT] to display names of dropped items for easier viewing and picking.

 Left click on the item while pressing [ALT] to easily pick an item up.

 You may not pick an item up if your inventory is full, overweight or the item belongs to some else. In case of item that belongs to someone else, either drop form a monster killed by someone else or intentional drop, you have to wait for certain period of time for the ownership to vanish.

 Or press [Space bar] to pick the items near to the character. It will automatically pick the item into the inventory.

 This guide is very simple. Most of that is similar to other MMORPGs. Good gaming...

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