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Cronous Fighter Guide

There are four jobs in Cronous: Fighter, Valkyrie, Magician and Savage.

You can choose any of them when you join Cronous cro . Here we will introduce the Fighter. Hope these information can be useful for you...

 The knight squads in Platonis are generally called 'fighters' of Cronous cro. They are composed of various classes of people from the underprivileged and the nobles.

Everyone who is intelligent and strong is qualified to join the group. Fighters, all of whom are tall, masculine, and handsome, are trained in battle and magic in Cronous cro.

They are not only good at fighting but accumulate enough knowledge about various fields such as philosophy, politics, history, and magic. Therefore, lots of the nobles in Platonis are joining the Cronous cro group.

They are the key power group controlling Platonis, whose prestige can't be damaged even by the king. The knight squad was first established by Zarkarias Larson in A.C. 593. Originally, warriors couldn’t use magic, solely relying on physical strength.

At that time, they were involved in the third Tartanos war (the Coellis sect calls it 'the Militis War'), during which the Macuapel sect threatened the Coellis sect by mobilizing its strong warriors.

Magicians couldn’t respond to their fast attacks and got killed. Even Savages couldn't defeat them. Even their joint attacks were not that successful because they were not fully trained.

 The warrior group of the Larson family could use magic to defeat enemies. Later, they formally established the Knight Squad in Platonis, becoming the first fighters in Cronous cro. In order to pay tribute to Larson, the first fighter and founder of the Knight Squad, they carved the initial, ZL into their armors and weapons.

Since then, fighters have become the most powerful group for long, playing a pivotal role in the sect. In response, the Macuapel sect trained Dark Knights, who haven't been seen since the Tartanos war was over.

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