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Dream of Mirror Online

Dream of Mirror Online character but with many different jobsdomo gold has a magnitude of quests for different levels and its impossible to complete all of them. Perhaps there are players who are able..


Domo Interview - with Jax Chou, Producer

DOMO be any different than the European version?Yes! Weve made a serious effort to make DOMO have a more Americanized feel. Our creative department has added a few pop culture references here and ther..


Content Updates!

Dream of Mirror Online is one of Aeria games biggest MMORPGs and one of its longest running games. In a competitive field such as the MMORPG scene, its a near miracle to stay alive for this long. So w..


Here is the New Gem System

DOMO!Mini Ring of Attack, + 5% attackMini Ring of Magic Defense, +5% magic defenseMini Ring of Magic Attack, +5% DOMO Gold


Special Edition Goodie Bags on Offer

Dream of Mirror Online (DOMO), the Free-to-Play social MMORPG, has received its second content update for August. This amazing update contains 3 brand new Special Edition Goodie Bags which will be pla..


Weapon upgrade in Dream of Mirror

Dream of Mirror Online on other site.Upgrading weapon with upgrade books or scrolls: we try to explain it with an example. Lets say you got a bow, wich you want to upgrade to gold bonus. At the moment..


Estate Skill Guide in Dream of Mirror Online

Dream of Mirror Online) in your estate to be private or not, and a notice that you want users to see when they enter your estate.domo gold. Click on the icon below the pencil icon to bring up the Item..


Citizen Skill Points in Dream of Mirror

domo gold level 18, 23, 33 weapons. But fear not, there are ways to get citizen skill points without actually having to level the citizen class. Each of the certificate quest such as The Drill Sergean..


Tips for Tigerman in Dream of Mirror

domo gold service from our site will make the game more interesting, just contact with our customer service and place an order at any time !domo gold it really sucks to throw around 20 minutes down th..


Weapon upgrade in Dream of Mirror(part two)

Dream of Mirror on other site.domo gold) from alchemy is very low.domo gold) + turned into blue. It has now an attack of 100+23. Now you will need blue scrolls or books. These got still a very bad suc..


New things are nice, but old things get old

domo gold.domo gold game from the patch with the final evolution form of the pets with lag and massive dc from Eversun City. The new patch did a number on the server stability of the game and cause a ..


Part one: The Opinions of DOMO Skills

Dream of Mirror, and I think well be good friends soon. I have some summary about the DOMO gold skills to share with you, our site has collected the mainly information on the other site. hope you like..


Ultimate DOMO Fencer Guide

Dream of Mirror Online Fencer, including DOMO gold Fencer overview, Advantages of Fencer, Disadvantages of Fencer and so on.DOMO gold, i suggestion you buy DOMO goldor Dream of Mirror power leveling a..


Completed Dream of Mirror Online Dancer Guide

Dream of Mirror players.DOMO gold Solo Dancer Dancer Guide. If you have more strategy, connect us. You will get some points once your strategy is adopted. OK, lets start DOMO gold in Dream..


Domo Guide: Fan Dancing

Dream of Mirror ,I took it from official website,and maybe its helpful.DOMO Gold game.DOMO Goldplayers, it may blow their equipment away. 5 Mp, Casting Interval 30.DOMO Goldfans to use.DOMO Gold and D..


DOMO fencer quest guide

Dream of Mirror game. now we will introduce Fencer Quest Guide for you.if you are interested in it .just look through.Here is the quick link: DOMO gold and buy DOMO gold to powerleveling.DOMO goldgame..


DOMO Dancer Guide for Solo Dancer

Dream of Mirror dancer guide. But this guide is just for solo dancer. This guide is useful for DOMO goldsolo dancers. OK, lets go now....Domo gold .Domo gold : 1 tier 2 fandango = 2800 damage 1 Fandan..


Dream of Mirror Online Guide for All Players

Dream of Mirrorplayers. Maybe some players think it is so easy. Of course, you can dont follow this guide and post your guides here. Your opinions are welcomed....DOMO gold.DOMO gold?: When you choose..


General DOMO Merchant Guide

Dream of Mirror Online, some people are the Merchant character. Yes, Merchant is a very interested character.. I like it very much. And i find this gudie from web site, i think it is very useful for g..


DOMO Guide for Beginner

Dream of Mirrorplayers !DOMO gold. read it and hope helpful for you ...DOMO gold.Cloth Cap, Gloves, Tunic, Pants, Slippers, Beginners Dagger, 20 x vitamin A pills, 5 x Level 10 Monster-Trapping Mirror..


DOMO Shaman Skills Guide

Dream of Mirrorplayers , gald to see you !DOMO gold, read the following information ,and try to learn the skills . Hope you like !DOMO goldMP Cost: 4, 6, 8, 11, 14, 18, 23, 29, 36, 44.MP Cost: 4, 6, 8..


DOMO: Blademaster

Dream of Mirror guide for Blademaster, just go through and have a good time in DOMO gold !Light Armor increases Attack further Decent HP (Light Armor helmet grants an HP bonus) Single-enemy debuffing ..


DOMO: Get Ready to Ride!

Dream of Mirror players will be able to ride their own boar, cat, bear and sea serpent which has been aside them during their epic adventures! New items especially created for their riding pets will b..


DOMO: Commoner Skills

Dream of Mirror. Recipes can be received from quests, collected from blue alchemy jars, bought from NPCs/players or stolen from monsters. Different collected materials and monster dropped items are ne..


Dream of Mirror Online will be Update (PC)

Official Press Release One more update for your entertainment will be released to close the month of April! New items will be available in the shop to help you during your adventures and to change you..


DOMO: Love is all!

DOMO Marriage system is on for all the lovers! Declare you Love and get married to unlock extra bonuses with your partner.domo gold quests that will let you reach the new cap, the level 62!domo gold p..


Dream of Mirror Online Winter Prom

Dream of Mirrors November event. Called Winter Prom, the event will come complete with a crowned king and queen. Check the details:domo gold (DoMO) is holding its first annual winter prom event. Dont ..


Recent Headlines for Dream of Mirror Online

Merchant job quest. Talk to Eileen in East Sea Plain. lvl 30 New Year Event Quest: Catching the Pupu in Darkdale (NPC Simon) New items and goodie bags:Hair dyes : Emerald and Pale Blue Costume goodie ..


New player week has begun in DOMO

Dream of Mirror Online (DOMO gold).domo gold players all the essential items they need to get a great start in Eversun in one place for a very special price, the Goodie Bag has some great contents on ..


Dream of Mirror Online EU version Overview

Dream of Mirror is a free-to-play MMORPG (massive multi-player online role playing game) developed by Softstar, leading brand of Chinese video games industry. Dream of Mirror surpassed 400,000 registe..


About Dream of Mirror

Dream of Mirror is a free-to-play MMORPG (massive multi-player online role playing game) developed by Softstar, leading brand of Chinese video games industry. Dream of Mirror surpassed 400,000 registe..


Dream of Mirror Europe Pet Riding

DOMO fans this week.First huge info, the pet riding system is now live on Eversun!This mount system is a major addition for the community, accelerating the travels and allowing players to attack while..


Domo Full Review (By Backslash)

Domo OverallDomo Gold big impact on how members were so easily put, was for its need for teamwork. For the game success it is essential also to establish highly close friends groups. These guilds will..


DOMO: Discover Mount Babel and the Bird pet!

Winter streak of major updates for DOMO fans.Bird King mount.attributes:paths of Mount Babel!domo gold level map, dedicated to the veryexperienced players. This map is located near Placid Plain and th..


Dream of Mirror Onine: Hey Macarena!

Big Frankies Lover Mission,Find out lovers spirit Missionshop:DOMO Goldwith the national team flags during the competition!Cheerleader, Bounty Hunter and Samurai costumesScottish Butterfly Ribbon and ..


Dream of Mirror Online: Version 7 is Here!

*Merchant Class*Are you so rich you can just throw Domogold around? Do you have to expand your guild cottage because you stack Pupu paper so high that it touches the ceiling? When you walk outside doe..


Dream of Mirror Interview

Dream of Mirror Online is a world that features sacred artifacts. The sacred artifact Kunlun Mirror that created the world, like some other artifacts in swdol I online familiar to hard-core players su..


Dream of Mirror live on Sep 12th

DOMO will be selected to play. The luckiest players will receive from GameTribe an email that will announce their account activation. Introduction of Drea..


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