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Dream of Mirror Online is one of Aeria game's biggest MMORPGs and one of its longest running games. In a competitive field such as the MMORPG scene, it's a near miracle to stay alive for this long. So we here on OnRPG knocked at their door and asked how the game is doing.

OnRPG: It's been years since the game started operation, so how is Domo currently faring?
Aeria Games released Dream or Mirror Online (DOMO) in 2007 and is our second longest running game after Last Chaos. The fun social aspects and appealing anime themes make it one of the most beloved Aeria games. DOMO has a mix of both veteran and new players from around the globe on two highly active servers, Sapphire and Onyx. We're especially excited about what's happening in DOMO Gold right now because we are right on the verge of releasing new content for all character levels. 

 OnRPG: What were the biggest changes which had to be made for the sake of the players? Why did you need to change that part of the game?
Flying pets has been the biggest change so far players really wanted. One of the first things you get to do in DOMO Gold is learn how to fly across the world on your weapon. Throughout the game you can obtain other things to fly on such as magic carpets, brooms and surfboards. Another thing you start doing early in the game is summoning a pet to fight alongside you. Players thought it just seemed silly that these two systems, flying and pet, didn't work together. So we worked with our developer and put in the flying pet upgrade system. Now there are dozens of pets that you can upgrade to fly.

DOMO Shura

The biggest change we've had to make is actually about to be released in August. We're adding events in game that are run by the game and not GMs. Our players have so many diverse schedules that it was nearly impossible to plan our events at times when everyone could get to them. So a new Daily Events system is about to be released where players can win prizes for competing in puzzle games, quiz shows and even darts throughout the day and night. If all goes well we'll expand the number and types of events in this system as Fall approaches. We won't be replacing GM run events with these Daily events, it is merely an addition we are making to accommodate our player's preferred schedules.

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