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Domo Interview - with Jax Chou, Producer

OnRPG: Will your version of DOMO be any different than the European version?
Yes! We’ve made a serious effort to make DOMO have a more Americanized feel. Our creative department has added a few pop culture references here and there where we felt it would add a chuckle or two. We’ve also been hard at work writing new quests exclusive to the North American audience for future use. We are also adding the Hunter class for our version. The Hunter class (currently) is available in our version and the Asian versions of DOMO. Also, players who help out in the closed beta will receive a special collector’s item. Aeria Games has a large and friendly player base who are extremely enthusiastic about DOMO. They can’t wait to get their hands on it. Expect GMs to play an important role in organizing events and assisting players both in and out of game. 

OnRPG: Can players expect it to be close to the same version in Taiwan?
While trying to Americanize the game, we’ve also tried to keep the game true to its roots. There’s a lot of mythology in domo gold that is truly Eastern and trying to alter that would break the flow of the game. So, yes, for the most part, gameplay will closely resemble the original.

OnRPG: What will be done to discourage bot programs and such?
We have always felt the community is best at policing its own games. Much like a neighborhood watch program, our players are our eyes and ears at all times. When they speak, we listen closely. Players have always done a wonderful job at reporting incidents such as bots, spammers and exploiters to us. We actively peruse any and all reports of behavior that would disrupt the enjoyment of the community. We also have our own internal methods that alert us to fraudulent activities.

DOMO Tadpole

OnRPG: Given glut of free games coming out, what drew your company into licensing DOMO?
Compared with the other titles in our stable, DOMO is really unique. Sure, the free to play MMO market is indeed increasing and it seems every time you turn around there is a new player in the market… but overall, we’re happy to see new ideas being presented to the game industry as a whole.

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