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One Dream of Mirror Online character but with many different jobs

After choosing a race out of the four, I can train my character to take on different jobs. What’s best is that I can keep changing jobs so that I will not get bored with one. This saves the hassle of creating multiple accounts and then multiple characters and then forgetting all the user ids and passwords at the end of the day. With a wide range of jobs to choose from, I get to mix and match the skills from different jobs to produce a stronger character.

DOMO snapshot with NPC

Too many quests

domo gold has a magnitude of quests for different levels and it’s impossible to complete all of them. Perhaps there are players who are able to complete every quest but I usually have a backlog of quests waiting for my attention in the quest journal.

Pleasant gaming environment

There are games where players come from different planets as they speak and think differently. Common sense says that it’s inappropriate to kill other player’s mobs but there are some players who will kill steal unintentionally because they don’t think that kill steal is wrong. For DOMO, seldom do you get such players; on the contrary, most are helpful if you ask nicely. Some are even real polite to chat with.

No Pk environment

Since its a no pk environment, Dream of Mirror gold characters won’t get pked even when you’re not watching. For duel matches, players need to specifically accept the challenges before a pk match can begin. What’s frustrating because of this system is when thief in-game loots your stuff and you cannot get back at them when they refuse to accept your duel. Where’s the justice? Fortunately 99.9% of the players in-game do not loot stuff from others; I just happened to be unfortunate enough to meet the 0.01% of the bad eggs.

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