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Special Edition Goodie Bags on Offer, the premier destination for Free-to-Play games is pleased to announce that Dream of Mirror Online (DOMO), the Free-to-Play social MMORPG, has received its second content update for August. This amazing update contains 3 brand new Special Edition Goodie Bags which will be placed into the games shop for a very limited time. 

These rare Special Edition Goodie Bags are only available until September 3rd; players can get their hands on an Ornamental Pet such as the heavily sought after Dorabimon alongside other rare items and cute helpers such as the handy Eggsploiter who will help you in battle or one of the Special Edition versions of the Alice or Mr. Rabbit Costumes.

The update also brings more new costumes and hair dyes into the shop, players can go down the rabbit hole and pick up a standard edition Alice or Mr. Rabbit Costume or change their hair colour to Orange or Green. A brand new Guild quest in which guild members need to protect the fabled Darkdale Mine is also included.

The new update will be available to players after the weekly Wednesday maintenance window.

DOMO gold is a Free-to-Play social MMORPG based on ancient Chinese mythology. Join with thousands of other gamers in an amazing anime-inspired world where you can socialize, form friendships, craft and master a variety of jobs, all within the underlying quest of trying to solve the riddles of the ancient myth of the Kunlun Mirror.

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