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Tips for Tigerman in Dream of Mirror

Most people like to choose tigerman to play. Maybe you have some problem with it. Of course buying domo gold service from our site will make the game more interesting, just contact with our customer service and place an order at any time !

First of all most likley by the time you fight him you will be way way underleveled because by that point in the game you dont have many places to train in Dream of Mirror.

Level 12 is what we beat him on but it took quite a bit so probally 14 or so would be good. first tip is that the npc that fights with you is invincible and can be used as a human shield while you heal.

Secondly dont be afraid to run, especially when being chased by a 10 foot tall man eating tiger with pants on. thirdly dont run out of time while running,domo gold  it really sucks to throw around 20 minutes down the drain because you ran and healed too much and fourth and best, hit and runs are your best friend.

We have a felling its going to be hard to find doctors, except maybe high level ones that are subbing shaman for damage very few people like support roles with low damage.


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