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Weapon upgrade in Dream of Mirror

Dear friends, our aim is to make you happy with a more excited life in the game. By the way, we have collected the mainly information about Dream of Mirror Online on other site.
Upgrading weapon with upgrade books or scrolls: we try to explain it with an example. Lets say you got a bow, wich you want to upgrade to gold bonus. At the moment it has an attack of 100+2. Since the +2 is green you will need green upgrade books or scrolls. Green scrolls has a high chance to fail, you will need a lot if the weapons(domo gold) from alchemy is very low.
It wont let you use any more green books after you used plenty of green scrolls the weapons(domo gold) + turned into blue. It has now an attack of 100+23. Now you will need blue scrolls or books. These got still a very bad succes rate, but you wont need much of them. Use scrolls or books till it turns into orange 100+26 After this its getting hard. You will need 10 succesfull orange upgrade when get it to gold color. The bad thing is, that if you fail with upgrade then it will be penalized with -3 or 2 +, but atleast it wont never go lower then orange color.
Since weapon got 2 base stats: If you want to unlock all the bonus ad the glow, you have to upgrade magic and Dream of Mirror gold physic attack to gold.Or you can stay with 1 stat in gold, it will have still some glow and bonus skills like increase attack dmg(+5% dmg).
Upgrading armors, works on the same way like weapons with both mallets and books/scrolls. Except with books you need per armor part 5 succes, not 10. For a full gold set you will need max like 60 magic and 60 physical defense orange books. buy domo gold Onyx for armor you can get mostly as reward from quests, or from dices. The 1. and 2.slot armor onyx gives the same stat.

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