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Dragon Ball Online News List
The Dragon Ball Online

Dragon Ball Online GT, he contributes and supervizes the story and art design, including character and location arrangements. In fact, its been stated that Mr. Toriyama has been working on character d..


Player-made Funny Videos

Dragon Ball Online in Korea has been somewhat disappointing, but Korean DBO fans still carry forward the spirit of never give up and show their support for this game with actual deeds like making DBO-..


Dragon Ball Manga Spin Off

Dragon Ball manga) will be releasing a new magazine entitled Super Strong Jump (Saikyō Jump) which will contain several spin-offs of popular mangas. It has been rumored that Dragon Ball will be inclu..


Good build in Dragon Ball

Dragon Ball to grind fast, get epis, and outdmg ppl.BTW im currently using an str/ dex build at cs5 lvl this is how i look now : 250 str, 14 ess, 8 wis, 48 cons, 250 dex. I got an ec wd +4 sword which..


The Dragon Ball Online Grind

Dragon Ball, if you are going to level a nuker in this game you can read the details below . Hope helpful !ShiZhang:mob: iron clad zombiesplace: north-west of entrance to clan baselvl: OC info: slow w..


Dragon Ball: Raging Blast

DRAGON BALL: RAGING BLAST FOR NEXT-GEN CONSOLESDragon Ball Online Gold Action Blasts onto the PLAYSTATION 3 and Xbox 360Dragon Ball Online Gold: Raging Blast will deliver a host of enhanced gameplay f..


Epithets full guide in Dragon Ball Online

Dragon Ball Online, if you have interests, please read them carefully.Dragon Ball Online Goldgame. Demon Accolyte or Sacred Flower Student are examples of basic Epithets. Killer of Shen Mo is an examp..


Special Dragon Ball Online Weapons

Dragon Ball Online players, welcome to come to, The information from the official forum, we just give it a Summary.Dragon Ball Online Gold weapons, and almost all special weapons, are P2..


Talk about the Guardian In Dragon Ball Online

Dragon Ball Online are measured closures end server and open when it started playing, probably playing for more than a week time, it entails submitting 29 servers formally closed.Dragon Ball Online Go..


Dragon Ball Online Win Big In Beta!

Dragon Ball Online team on Lamannia Monday night at 8:00 PM EDT (-4 GMT) to help us put the finishing touches on our server and Store performance for launch. Weve got all-new hardware and were having ..


Warrior Build Guide for Dragon Ball Online Players

Dragon Ball Online worriors reference , please have a look and hope it does some help !Dragon Ball Online Gold world !Dragon Ball Online Gold , please come tohere , we can provide you with the best se..


Best build in Dragon Ball Online

Dragon Ball Onlineto grind fast, get epis, and outdmg ppl.Dragon Ball Online Gold gold .Dragon Ball Online Gold WB though-.- I use conqueror trinket and hp hat when grinding and i do pretty well my ve..


Dragon Ball Online:PVE healer guide

Dragon Ball Online.If you have just started playing healer, then this is the portion you should read.I believe you will learn some useful informations from the guide.Clan role:Wu-Tang: Red phoenixThe ..


Dragon Ball Online Nuker Grind

Dragon Ball Online , if you are going to level a nuker in this game you can read the details below . Hope helpful !mob: iron clad zombies place: north-west of entrance to clan base lvl: OC+ info: slow..


Dragon Ball Online NPC's Introduction

MMORPG there are many services available to you from NPC`s (Non-Player Characters) that reside in villages all across The Land. NPC`s serve multiple functions from selling required equipment to reques..


Dragon Ball Online… News from Korea

MMORPG, Dragon Ball Online. Basically, it seems that the Japanese Animation/Manga has been adapted to the RPG world by Bandai Korea. Well not too surprising here since Korea is the leading country whe..


Dragonball Film Set Picture and Screenshot Released

Dragon Ball Online set picture, but no explanation as to what it is. In addition, a screenshot are also released. In picture, Luis Arretia (Weaver) and Shirvon Kirksey (Emi) are studying an eclipse.Dr..


DragonBall Fans Good News!!!

Dragon Ball Online Fans Good News!!! within the MMOG News forum part of the General Stuff category; Some Dragon ball Online Gold News.Dragon Ball Online gold Gameplay Preview!Dragon Ball Online gold ,..


Dragon ball Online RPG's Promo, Gameplay Videos Posted

Dragon ball Online game developer, and the Korean CJ Internet service provider presented more details and footage from the upcoming Dragon ball Online gold massively multi-player online role-playing g..


Dragon Interview

Dragon Ball Online Gold will put you in a world of fantasy, action and adventure where hundreds of players fight for fame, fortune and the honor of their homelands.Recently,I have made an interview wi..


Dragon Nest Official Gameplay Promo Out!

MMO game industry of South Korean has ushered in another spring, many new titles in a variety of styles will be released in 2009.Dragon Nest, a fantastic action MMORPG which is developed by Eyedentity..


Dragon Nest: See You in 2009

Dragon Nest is scheduled for commercial release in worldwide markets in 2009. So glad to see that players could try such an awesome MMO at the same time with global others! Surely Dragon Ball Online G..


DragonBall Online Finally Announced!

DragonBall Online project at a press conference held at Seoul Plaza Hotel. DragonBall Online is expected to be launched in Korea before the end of 2008 at the latest and is set for 2009 launch in Japa..


OAPC & Dragon Ball Lucky Draw

Dragon Ball OnlineLucky Draw, if you join and win a medal (either Gold/Silver/ Bronze) in Olympic Games Quests as well as upload your creative pictures to join the Olympic Athlete Pose Competition, yo..



Atari Completes Development on the First Action-Adventure Dragon Ball Game Featuring Goku and Bulma as Kids NEW YORK, NY ? October 15, 2008 ? Atari announces that development of the latest hit from th..


Namco Bandai Revealed Dragon Ball Online Details

The website of QJ released the details of highly anticipated MMO Dragon Ball Online. Dragon Ball Online Gold has spawned in various platforms in years past, its only fitting that the series get an MMO..


DragonBall Online : A MMORPG Based on Japanese popular cartoon

IntroductionDragon Ball Online, a massively multiplayer online game based on the Japanese comics Dragon Ball Gold, is nearing the open beta testing phase.According to an anonymous source, Korean game ..


Dragonball Movie Getting Reshoots

Do you remember the First Dragonball Trailer reported by us last time? So many comments show that: the First Dragonball GoldTrailer = Fail. I know its just an early teaser trailer and that it may be k..


Dragon Ball Online Character Spotlight: Vegeta

The website of QJ has released an article of Dragon Ball Online character: Vegeta. For every hero, there exists a dark half coMMOnly known as an anti-hero. For Superman, its Batman. For Naruto Uzumaki..


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