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Dragon Ball Manga Spin Off

Shueisha (the Japanese manga company that published the Dragon Ball manga) will be releasing a new magazine entitled Super Strong Jump (Saikyō Jump) which will contain several spin-offs of popular mangas. It has been rumored that Dragon Ball will be included in the lineup and recently Manga Stream has announced that a Dragon Ball manga spin off called Dragonball SD will in fact be featured in Super Strong Jump. 

Please note this is not official nor is there any word if Akira Toriyama will be involved (most likely not since it’ll be a spinoff). Plus, Akira has been busy with a few other projects such as Kintoki.

It’s now official, a new Dragon Ball manga entitled Dragon Ball Gold SD will be releasing on December 3rd 2010. It will be created by Naho Ooishi who also did the manga adaptation of Akira Toriyama’s “Hey! Son Goku and Friends Return!” anime special. It will be featured in Super Strong Jump (Saikyō Jump). The official Shonen Jump website even shows a teaser image of what to expect from this manga, which shows a chibi Son Goku and Krillin.

The release date marks the 26th anniversary of the original Dragon Ball Gold manga. So in the next few weeks, expect plenty of more updates concerning this new DB manga.

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