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Dragon Ball Online Win Big In Beta!

Join the Dragon Ball Online team on Lamannia Monday night at 8:00 PM EDT (-4 GMT) to help us put the finishing touches on our server and Store performance for launch. We’ve got all-new hardware and we’re having a party in-game to see how much load we can handle! 

Where: Beta players may log into Lamannia for a chance to win!

When: Be logged into the game between 8:00 PM EDT (-4 GMT) and 11:00 PM EDT (-4 GMT) to qualify. Dragon Ball Online Gold developers will be in-game (look for names that start with a ) and we’ll be running a variety of in-game activities. Players will also be able to access the full suite of launch content – including the newest dungeons and raids!
Who: All players who log in and play between 8 PM EDT and 11 PM EDT will be entered to win (subject to the terms and conditions below).

5 First Prizes – Crank up the visuals in Dragon Ball Online Gold with the latest video card from AMD! Building on the strength of the ATI Radeon™ 4800 series award-winning architecture, this GPU stands out from the rest with massive graphics processing muscle. Take ultimate control over your game and crank it up with scalable performance. Go ahead, max out the settings and put the ATI Radeon HD 4890 through its paces.

 10 Second Prizes – Signed Dragon Ball Online Gold Unlimited Posters. Signed by the team here at Turbine, these posters are rare loot indeed!

Get ready to join us for this great event and get your shot at winning these great prizes!

Winners will be contacted via e-mail by August 31st, 2009.

Be sure to stay in the game and play the as much as possible time between 8:00 PM and 11:00 PM Eastern (-4 GMT) on this night to have the best chance to win! (Don’t worry if you are briefly disconnected – it will still count if you log back in right away!)

Remember, to participate in the event, you’ll need to be registered in the Dragon Ball Online Gold Unlimited Beta or have an active subscription, and have the Lamannia client software installed. For more information about downloading the game client, please visit this forum post. This event is open to all beta players, including Free accounts!

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