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Epithets full guide in Dragon Ball Online

Here we will provide guides about Epithets in Dragon Ball Online, if you have interests, please read them carefully.

Actually, an Epithet is a small sign shown above your character, below your name, in Dragon Ball Online Gold game. "Demon Accolyte" or "Sacred Flower Student" are examples of basic Epithets. "Killer of Shen Mo" is an example of an advanced Epithet. Your selected Epithet is visible to other players.

It can confer extra benefits upon you. You can gain Epithets in various ways: duels, clan ranking, quest rewards, defeating a boss. You can only use one Epithet at a time, regardless of how many you have. There will be a time delay before you can switch again when you switch between Epithets.

Your Epithets can be accessed from your Character Screen. Select an epithet and press the "Apply" button to display that epithet above your character on the game screen. Press the "Remove" button to stop showing the epithet on the game screen.

While on the other hand, you may only have a certain number of particular types of Epithets. A random Epithet will be erased from your list if you exceed this number. You can remove all unnecessary Epithets with the "Remove" button to avoid unwanted loss of a favorite Epithet.

If you adding Ornaments that can give items many desirable attributes. Ornamentation refers to attaching Ornaments to weapons or clothes to gives those items heightened functionality. Anyone can learn to attach ornaments but making the Clasps to attach ornaments can only be done by Dragon Ball Online Gold skilled craftsmen.

Certain raw Materials to make the clasps for ornamentation and these skilled craftsmen will ask for payment. There is also a chance that their work will fail, and if it does then the weapons or clothes and materials may be destroyed.

a - Additional Clasps or Pockets -
If you wish to have additional clasps or pockets added to your weapons or clothes then these same skilled craftsmen can do that as well. The possibility remains that their work will fail, and if it does then the weapons or clothes and materials may be destroyed.

b - Removing Ornaments -
The craftsman will charge a fee to return an item to it's original state, but know that this process will destroy the Ornaments. For an additional fee and some extra materials, the Ornaments can be seperated and used again.

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