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Good build in Dragon Ball

Str/dex must be use for PVE ,even though i know great dex pvpers i wont recomend it. Its the best build in Dragon Ball to grind fast, get epis, and outdmg ppl.BTW im currently using an str/ dex build at cs5 lvl this is how i look now : 250 str, 14 ess, 8 wis, 48 cons, 250 dex. I got an ec wd +4 sword which works quite decent for pvp and grind, but im willing to take it to +7 lol.FC +9 works fine but i dun crit as much ,also I have noticed that MSH epi is useful , also i got all my lvls 5 maxed and i have maxed lvl 6 str and lvl 6 dex, gonna take cons soon hehe in Dragon Ball Online Gold .

I currently own both karma att rating plates and sometimes even wd dex seal and dex press, as well as slotted clothin with Dr steelpipes talisman with att rating hat =P.

Im happy with this build and im not thinking in changing it anytime soon, I still need my 300 Dragon Ball Online Gold WB though-.- I use conqueror trinket and hp hat when grinding and i do pretty well my ve runs out and i still got like 60% of my hp left.

Str/cons build:

In this build the player has to focus on max str ASAP to get defense and dmg,and a high cons to outlast the opponent in battle, low dex( just the weapon requirement)an fc 7 weapon needs 124 dex ,as for ess and wis, 14 and 8 respectively.The rest goes to Dragon Ball Online Gold change acordingly to ur lvl)


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